Hashtag Saree Shapewear

HTSW – Saree Silhouette That Make
You In Love With Your Body!

The Hashtag Saree Shapewear is designed and produced by Trariti which is “Made in India”. What makes our Saree shapewear So Special as it Comes in all Sizes XS-10XL. It can go with any Saree fabric. It allows the saree to follow the contour of your curves and gives you a perfect drape experience.

It has Adjustable Drawingstrings which helps to give you the grip and hold heavy Sarees without any rashes on skin or String marks on your waist. The fabric is made of high quality and is super stretchy and Breathable fabric which hugs your body and makes you feel comfortable. It comes with a side slit which makes you walk, sit cross-legged, and dance with easy movement.

Hashtag Saree shapewear makes you fall in love with Mermaid fit that gives you a beautiful shape under your saree to help you look better This is available at prices that every woman can afford. Hashtag Saree shapewear is not just about your size or color. It’s about being confident in who you are no matter your size, weight, or color, you will be Beautiful.

With Hashtag Saree Shapewear iconic 12-Hour Saree Shapewear you can now wear your favourite sarees with ease. It gives your curves that elegant Mermaid outline minus the discomfort of painful Rashes on skin and boxy petticoats that dig in. Crafted for comfort, its wide waistband with draw strings sits comfortably on the waist & holds the weight of the heaviest saree while the side slit lets you move about freely. Drape yourself in 9 yards of elegance and look your pretty self for 12-hours straight with the new Saree Shapewear

“The days of hiding your Curves behind Traditional Petticoats are over!”

Hashtag Saree Shapewear gives you a perfect drape experience.
To Flaunt your curves!